Sweet People

Day 16. Picture of the place I work

As interesting as my job is not… I’ll do this post anyway. These are the best pictures that I happen to have on hand… the first is more of my parking lot than of my actual office. The whole building had to evacuate one day because, as it turned out, someone burned popcorn.

For most of us I think it was a nice little break and an excuse for some fresh air…. but I did feel badly for some people. On the ground floor of my office building is a company that does dialysis… and some of those poor patients were sitting outside in their wheel chairs, or in the case of one man he had these sort of braces on either arm that looked like they were for helping him walk or something… but he looked to be like 90 and had to have a girl on either side of him to help him stand. Anyway.


And here’s my desk. It’s very exciting.


To be fair I should probably put a picture of my own home because I do a lot of work there too! But unfortunately no one pays me for that.

When I originally asked him what kind of cookies he would want when his birthday came he said he wanted Phineas and Ferb… in a tone of voice that suggested he could not care less about this sort of thing. He then proptly ran to excitedly tell his mom that “that lady is going to make Phineus and Ferb cookies for my birthday!” And so, this lady did. At least he referred to me as “that lady”… because I’m pretty sure he later called his Aunt Sandie “that guy”.

My Favorite Song

‘Welcome Home’ by Radical Face… a current favorite of mine. I have heard many interpretations of this song and I think it just depends on the person. In any case, I think it is beautiful and it means many things to me.. but in the end it makes me feel peaceful. And that is a rarity for me.