Sweet People

Three Things I’m Grateful for

Watching My sweet baby learn and grow

The first year is filled with SO MUCH constant change… I blink and he’s grown an inch. No, seriously. In the {almost} 9 months since he was born he has grown 11 3/4 inches. That’s an average of roughly 1 1/3 inch per month. Little m doesn’t do anything slowly… he is currently working on 6 teeth all at once. And he is just so smart. And so snuggly. I’m certainly grateful that I’m his mom, and that I get to watch and help him grow.


{just look at these pictures and try to tell me you don’t want to smoosh those
cheeks or snuggle him!}

Drawing with Matthew

Big M has turned in to quite the artist. It’s just about the only thing he wants to do all day… and I can honestly say I love every one of his pictures. Most of the time his pictures have back stories and long explanations about them. Matthew has so much creativity… in music, drawing, imagination… growing up I was always told how creative I was, but M surpasses anything I ever was. For being 3 I think he’s pretty awesome! But I can’t wait to see where this talent takes him some day.
I keep some of my favorite pictures at my desk at work… sitting at a desk for 10 hours a day can get old, but it makes me happy to see his artwork right next to me.
{from left to right we have a picture of: M & m in their beds at night with the nightlight on – our family (minus Miles who is at the Dr getting a checkup) sitting around the dinner table eating spaghetti – Minnie and Daisy in a carriage eating lettuce while driving over lettuce (?) – M & I making cookies together – (bottom row) M & Opa on Opa’s tractor}

Date nights with Aaron

Admittedly these don’t happen too frequently – but we go out when we can. And I’m grateful that we are able to get out alone together at all.
{I don’t have any of Aaron and I together but this picture is from our last date night… it was his birthday so I broke out the red lipstick. It’s kind of awesome.}